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Bath Magistrates Court

Specialist motoring law solicitor, Philip Hatvany, was representing a company accused of failing to provide details as to which of their employees had been driving at the time that a driving offence was committed.  The company had pleaded not guilty to this offence of failing to identify the driver at Bath Magistrates Court.  Mr Hatvany talked to the prosecutor before the trial was due to take place, and showed her documentary evidence that demonstrated the strict procedure the company had in place to keep track of which of their employees is driving which of their vehicles at any one time.  Mr Hatvany pointed out, therefore, that the only reason that the company hadn’t responded, on this occasion, to the request of the police for the driver’s details was because the post had failed the company.


The prosecutor was so impressed by the documentary evidence that Mr Hatvany had gathered that they withdrew the allegation of failing to identify the driver, and the company avoided a hefty fine