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New Driver Offences


As a 'new driver' facing penalty points, can I avoid having my licence revoked?

You invested a significant amount of time and money in driving lessons. You spent what felt like an age learning for the Theory Test. It all paid off, and you have finally passed your driving test. Now, the last thing you want is to go through it all again....

Do I Need A Solicitor At My Court Hearing For A Motoring Offence?

Do I need a solicitor before my hearing date? If you are accused of any motoring offence, you have to decide first whether you will plead guilty or not guilty. You should do this before your hearing takes place because the Magistrates Court normally will...

Driving Without Insurance Increases By 10% As The Young Can't Cope With The Rise In Premiums

The number of drivers who are driving without insurance has soared by 10% in just a year according to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).  This is even more of a surprise because this follows a decade of declining levels of uninsured driving.  So why...