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We only provide legal advise and representation concerning motoring allegations.  Philip Hatvany, our founding solicitor and a motoring law specialist, oversees all our cases.  He is a solicitor with 27 years experience defending motoring matters.  He has a very good success rate.  For saving drivers’ licences, in Exceptional Hardship cases, when the accused have 12 penalty points or more he has a 90% success rate for the last 12 years.  For winning motoring law trials he has an 82% success rate for the last 12 years.  Call him now on FREEPHONE 0800 9098110 for a free consultation and a "no strings attached” costs estimate concerning your case.

We are different to most other firms in that we will not pass your matter over to a junior solicitor or barrister, or to someone who is not a lawyer at all!  Instead, Philip Hatvany will deal with your case from start to finish and will almost always be able to represent you in person at your court hearing.  In this way you get continuity of representation throughout your case.

We offer competitive fixed fees so that you know exactly where you stand financially from the outset of your case.  The following is a list of our range of fixed fees for providing representation in the Magistrates Court:-                        

Guilty pleas in the Magistrates Court (including Exceptional Hardship arguments)

Guilty Plea Hearings (no preparation beforehand):-  £950 -£1500

Guilty Plea Hearings (with unlimited preparation beforehand):-  £1800 - £2500

Trials in the Magistrates Court (with unlimited preparation beforehand)

Failing to Identify the Driver :-  £1500 - £3500

Other Motoring Offences :-  £2500 - £5000

We are not VAT registered.  

All expenses are included in our fixed fees apart from where an expert report has to be obtained. 

The reason why there are a range of fixed fees is because every case is different, and some require more work than others.  An example of a case that may require a greater amount of work would be if you were facing a number of different allegations because we may then need to bring your matters together so that they are dealt with by way of a single hearing.  Also, to cover our travel time, the fixed fee will be greater if the court where your hearing is taking place is a long way from our office.

These fixed fees are based on the understanding that matters will be resolved by way of a single hearing.  This is almost always the case. 

It is often very difficult to put a time estimate as to how long a case may last   If there is a hearing date then the case will usually end on that day.  However, if matters are at an early stage, and you have only just been accused, then it is often down to how quickly the police and the courts are prepared to move.