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Speeding Offences

The vast majority of cases where people are accused of speeding offences go unchallenged and yet there may have been a possible defence.  Blindly accepting such an allegation can result in a driving disqualification.  It is, therefore, advisable to seek help from a specialist speeding solicitor if you face such an allegation.

Speeding Penalties

There are two ways drivers can lose their licences for speeding.  Firstly, the offence could result in the accumulation of penalty points.  Between 3 and 6 points can be imposed for each speeding offence.  Where the driver ends up with 12 penalty points or more he has to be banned for a minimum of 6 months unless exceptional hardship can be successfully argued.  Secondly, if the speed is high the magistrates may not bother with penalty points and may simply disqualify the driver for as long as they see fit.

At Speeding Law Solicitors, we are very skilled at avoiding such disqualifications for our clients.


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Defences To Speeding Allegations

Philip Hatvany, our specialist speeding offence solicitor, understands the devastating impact that a loss of a driving licence can have, not only on the driver but also on his family and others.

Mr Hatvany will first always see if a defence can be found to the speeding allegation.  He is envied by other solicitors for his success rate since 2011, of 82% for winning trials for motoring clients.

Some possible defences to a speeding allegation that may be applicable are as follows;

  • No speed limit signs were in place
  • The accused was not driving the vehicle.
  • The car was not being driven in a public place or on a public road.
  • The police failed to send a notice of intended prosecution to the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days.
  • The summons for speeding was issued in the Magistrates Court more than 6 months from the date of the offence.

Speed Cameras

Often the defence will be that the driver was not at the time exceeding the speed limit.  Mr Hatvany is an exceptionally skilled driving offence solicitor at finding out if there was a fault with the speed camera.

All speed measuring devices must be properly calibrated.  Speeding Law Solicitors can request the calibration certificate of the camera in question to check that it has been maintained and was working properly.

Also the police in relation to using mobile devices, such as laser guns, should follow their own guidelines, the ACPO code, as to usage.  Through careful cross examination at trial Philip Hatvany, or one of his experienced solicitors or barristers, are often able to show the guidelines were not followed, which may give rise to the client being found not guilty.  For example, in relation to laser speed guns the ACPO code states that the laser should be aimed at the registration plate of the vehicle in question.  If the officer accidentally aims down the side of the vehicle the reading becomes inaccurate and may give the false impression that the car was moving faster than it really was.  Getting the officer to admit at the trial that this may have been the case will normally result in the client being found not guilty.

There are a vast number of speed measuring devices used by the police.  GATSO speed cameras (full name Gasometer) are the most widely used speed cameras in the UK.  Static GATSO are the fixed cameras with the grey or yellow box that can be seen throughout the UK.  These cameras take photographs of vehicles as they go past the camera and over a number of marks on the road.  They take two photographs of a vehicle, 0.5 seconds apart.  The police can then see the distance covered in that time by observing the number of markings on the road that the vehicle has passed over, as these markings are spaced a set distance apart.  The photos will, therefore, show the distance covered by the vehicle in half a second and therefore it’s speed.  However, it may be possible to avoid a conviction for speeding if the road markings are worn, faint, or missing.

Why You Should Use Speeding Law Solicitors

Philip Hatvany, our specialist speeding solicitor, is a leading expert when it comes to speeding offences.  He is a very well travelled solicitor and regularly attends Birmingham, Coventry, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton, Portsmouth, Oxford and Reading Magistrates Courts.  Also he frequently visits Magistrates Courts in London.  If you have a hearing that is more distant we can use one of our solicitors or barristers from our expert panel, who are located throughout England and Wales, to represent you at the hearing under Mr Hatvany’s close supervision. Mr Hatvany will still carry out all the preparation in relation to such cases.

Speeding defences are often technical and difficult to identify without a specialist motoring solicitor.  Even if no defence is available, a well structured plea for leniency, backed with documentation, is often required to save a motorist’s driving licence.  Ring the leading road traffic solicitor, Philip Hatvany, now for a FREE telephone consultation on FREEPHONE 0800 909 8110.