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What has been said about Philip Hatvany

I must say you were truly a shining light in a very dark period of my life; I am ecstatic at the result and owe the majority of this outcome to your inspired ability to truly reflect and articulate my circumstances on that fateful night.  The day of the trial, not to mention the build-up, was quite a tribulation for me both physically and mentally, yet you were exceptional in the courtroom.Mr T P

Philip Hatvany was so precise and concise with all advice and information given and there were no surprises at all.  I was completely prepared at every step of my trial.Mr H C

Excellent - Philip told it as it was - gave us a possible outcome and delivered!  Superb advice without a doubt.Mrs D F

From the moment I had the first telephone conversation with Philip Hatvany I felt confident I was dealing with the best.  He didn’t let me down.Mr R H

I’ve been most impressed by your professionalism throughout, I have valued your guidance and I have been grateful for your forbearance in listening to my concerns and amateur analysis.  Your closing speech will be lodged in my memory for years to come, and was a quite polished and utterly convincing performance if I might call it that, in which you skilfully summarised the absolute truth of the case.  You will not be surprised that I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of your dedication to this case and for your unerring support throughout.  Thank you.Mr S W

Excellent professional service from Philip Hatvany on all accounts.Mr A M

I would like to take the time to formally thank the expertise and knowledgable help that I received from you in regard to my recent hearing.Mr N H

Excellent service.  Will not hesitate to recommend to anybody in the future.Mrs R M

As you know I regard this episode in my life as regrettable and unfortunate.  However, without the effort you made on my behalf it would have been much worse.  I am therefore truly grateful for all your kindness and wise advice.Mrs E P

Philip, thanks for your professional and sound advice that led yesterday to what can only be considered a great and very fair result.  You presented the case, to avoid calamity, exceptionally well and I am most grateful for that.Mr N S

The service Philip Hatvany provided was exceptional.  He was always at the end of the phone which was a great reassurance at times.  Philip Hatvany was very understanding of personal circumstances and it felt like he put 110% effort into getting the best result for me.  I cannot thank Philip enough for the support and service provided which took a lot of the worry off me and my family.Mr W

If it wasn’t for Philip Hatvany I would almost certainly be in prison.  He invested a lot of time and belief in me.Mr T E