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Bristol Magistrates Court

Mr Hatvany, specialist road traffic solicitor, managed to get Mr M R’s case transferred from Taunton Magistrates Court to Bristol Magistrates Court, so that the hearing could take place closer to where he lived, and he wouldn’t have so far to travel.  Mr M R was being accused of speeding but, unfortunately, he had no defence in relation to this.  He pleaded guilty to this offence and the magistrates, because the speed was high, imposed 6 penalty points on Mr M R’s driving licence.  Unfortunately, Mr M R already had 9 penalty points on his driving licence and, therefore, his total amount of penalty points was now 15.  The court clerk reminded the magistrates, that where there are twelve penalty points or more on someone’s driving licence, they have to disqualify that person for at least 6 months, unless exceptional hardship is successfully argued.  Mr Hatvany then argued exceptional hardship successfully, by pointing out that Mr M R needed to be able to drive to do his job, and if he couldn’t drive he would be sacked.  This would lead to Mr M R having difficulties paying the mortgage, resulting in the family home being re-possessed, and this would have a terrible affect on his wife and children.


The magistrates were persuaded by Mr Hatvany’s exceptional hardship argument for Mr M R and they didn’t disqualify him from driving.