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North Avon (Yate) Magistrates Court

Mr I W appeared before North Avon Magistrates Court for an allegation of driving through a no entry sign.  He pleaded guilty to this, and the magistrates imposed 3 penalty points, bringing his total number of penalty points to 12.  Mr Hatvany, the leading specialist motoring defence solicitor, had already explained to Mr I W that when someone has twelve penalty points or more on their driving licence the magistrates, usually, have to disqualify that person for at least 6 months.  However, Mr Hatvany, successfully argued exceptional hardship on behalf of Mr I W, pointing out that if he couldn’t drive his business would fail.  Also, his children would have difficulty getting to school if he was disqualified, as he would have been the only one available to drive them there.  Many other arguments were also put forward.


The magistrates found exceptional hardship and didn’t disqualify Mr I W and he was able to continue to drive.