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Cheltenham Magistrates Court

Cheltenham Magistrates Court Cheltenham Courthouse, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL1 2XG https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/Cheltenham+Magistrates+Court,+Cheltenham+Courthouse,+Cheltenham,+Gloucestershire,+GL1+2XG/@51.8953341,-2.1433387,12z/data=!3m1!4b1 16


Cheltenham Magistrates Court
Cheltenham Courthouse

Phone numbers

General enquiries:  01452 334 400
Fax:  0870 324 0171
Witness service:  0300 332 1000
Witness care unit:  01452 754 517

Cheltenham Magistrates Court opening hours

Court building opens: Monday to Friday 9am until close of business.


Enquiries:  gs-glosmcadmin@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

Information for visitors

If you have a case at Cheltenham Magistrates Court you will receive notification to attend on a certain date either for the morning or the afternoon session.  However, you should bear in mind that even if you are at the court at the allocated time you may still have a very long wait.  This is because Cheltenham Magistrates Court tends to hear the more serious cases, in particular those involving prisoners, before it deals with road traffic matters.

When you arrive at Cheltenham Magistrates Court you will have to go through a security system similar to that found at an airport.  After you have done this you will need to report to the reception desk where they will take your name and you should inform them of the solicitor who is attending on your behalf.  Finally, you will need to take a seat in the waiting area where your appointed solicitor will locate you.

Facilities available at Cheltenham Magistrates Court

Refreshments are available at this court.

Public parking can be found nearby to the court (within 500m), but on site parking is not available here.

There are baby-changing facilities at Cheltenham Magistrates Court.

There is disabled access and there are toilet facilities.  There is no blue badge parking available at this Court.  However, if you have a disability and need help attending a hearing, you should contact the court to make sure the facilities meet your specific needs or to discuss the possibility of making special arrangements. Guide dogs are welcome at this court, and Cheltenham Magistrates Court also has hearing enhancement facilities.

Information for solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals

Court/tribunal no.1672

DX: 7598 Gloucester 3

A private interview room facility is available at Cheltenham Magistrates Court.

Prison Video Link facilities.

Legal fields covered at Cheltenham Magistrates Court

  • Crime