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Speed Cameras Are To Become More Conspicuous

Speed cameras on local roads are already yellow, but on major highways they are often grey, and sometimes hidden behind an overhead gantry.  The transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin recently announced that by October 2016 all cameras on England’s motorways and A roads would be painted yellow and would be displayed more visibly, so that drivers do not feel that they are being treated in an unfair manner.

Mr McLoughlin said “This move is about applying common sense to our roads.  Speed cameras should make journeys safer rather than lead to dangerous braking.”  The hope ,therefore, is by making the speed cameras at around 200 sites yellow instead of grey, it will make roads safer by cutting down on drivers suddenly braking, when they see the speed camera at the last moment.  Peter Williams, RAC Head of External Affairs, said “ The Government’s reassurance that all motorway speed cameras will be painted yellow by October 2016 is long overdue and brings a welcome degree of consistency which will ensure that the road safety benefits of the varied types of camera are maximised”.

The Government hopes that, by making these cameras more visible, public perception will shift from the long held belief that speed cameras are just about making money to the belief that they are about road safety.  At Speeding Law Solicitors, we do believe that making these cameras more visible will have a dramatic affect on the amount of motoring offences committed.  People will see the cameras from further away and so have time to reduce their speed.  However, we are expecting a reduction in other road traffic offences apart from just speeding.  People would be less likely to brake at the last moment, as they will be given more warning, and therefore fewer accidents will take place.  Therefore, there will be a reduction in the number of dangerous driving and careless driving allegations. 

Dangerous driving is a serious offence for which prison sentences are not uncommon.  A maximum prison sentence of 2 years can be imposed, also there is a mandatory driving ban of one year, and you cannot drive again until you pass an extended driving test. 

Careless driving and speeding obviously carry the possible imposition of penalty points. For careless driving three to nine penalty points can be imposed. For speeding three to six penalty points can be endorsed. However, if the magistrates decide, in relation to a speeding or careless driving offence, not to impose penalty points they can disqualify for as long as they see fit.

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