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New Driver Rules

You are classed as a “new driver” for the first two years after passing a relevant driving test.  If you accumulate 6 or more penalty points during this time then you will have your licence revoked by the DVLA.  This will mean that it will be as if you had never passed your driving test in the first place, and you will have to re-take it, and pass it again, before you can drive.  So, if you are in danger of this contact us now for a free telephone consultation.


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The "Relevant Driving Test"

The two year period in which a new driver could accumulate 6 penalty points and have their driving licence revoked runs from when they have successfully passed a “relevant driving test”. 

To be a “relevant driving test” it would have to be;                                        

(1)       The first driving test the driver has passed.


(2)       The driving test was passed in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar or the European Community (EC) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Examples Of Revocation Of A New Driving Licence

  • If someone received 3 penalty points as a provisional driver, and then a further 3 penalty points during the 2 year period after passing their “relevant driving test”, then the accumulation of 6 penalty points will mean that their driving licence is revoked.
  • If someone accepts a fixed penalty for driving with no insurance during the 2 year period after passing a “relevant driving test” then the 6 penalty points that they receive would mean that their driving licence would be revoked.

How To Avoid A New Driver Revocation Of Your Driving Licence

If you are a new driver, and you are within 2 years of passing a “relevant driving test”, and you are being accused of a driving offence that could take your total penalty points up to 6 or more, then the only way to avoid a revocation of your driving licence would be to;

  • deny the driving offence and win at trial.


  • successfully argue special reasons (this would mean that, although the court acknowledged that you are technically guilty of the offence, they do not have to impose penalty points because it was not your fault).


  • successfully request a short ban (maybe a week or two) rather than the imposition of penalty points

None of the above three alternatives for avoiding a revocation are easy and help from a specialist motoring law solicitor will make a vast difference.

Some Common Questions

Question: What would happen if you ignored such a revocation of your licence and continued to drive?
Answer: You could be pursued for driving with no licence which carries 3 to 6 penalty points and a discretion to disqualify.  Also the fact that you have no licence may invalidate your insurance, and so you could be pursued for the offence of driving with no insurance which carries 6 to 8 penalty points and a discretion to disqualify.

Question: Does having your driving licence revoked remove the penalty points from it?
Answer: No. The penalty points will still be effective for three years from the date of the offence.  If you re-sit your driving test and pass it within this time, they will appear on your new licence record.

Question: I received 6 penalty points while I had a provisional licence.  If I now pass a “relevant driving test”, will I instantly have my driving licence revoked?
Answer:  No. However, if you accumulate any more penalty points during the next two years after passing your “relevant driving test” then your driving licence will be revoked.

Why You Should Use Speeding Law Solicitors 

The law in this area is complex,  Our leading motoring law solicitor, Philip Hatvany, has an impressive record for assisting new drivers who are in danger of having their driving licence revoked.  He represents clients at a variety of locations including Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Bath, Reading and Coventry Magistrates' Courts.  Also he is very familiar with the Magistrates Courts in London.  If the court hearing your case is more distant we can still represent you using one of our barristers from our expert panel, who are located throughout England and Wales, to represent you at the hearing under Mr Hatvany’s supervision.  Mr Hatvany will still carry out all the preparation meticulously in relation to your case.  Ring Philip Hatvany now for a FREE telephone conversation on FREEPHONE 0800 909 8110.